Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup

As part of the Le Mans endurance racing pyramid, the ACO launched the Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup as a precursor to the Asian Le Mans Series. The objective is to promote prototype racing, particularly LM P3, in Asia and to offer new teams an additional proving ground in their pursuit of the Le Mans concept of racing.

Consisting of three events with two races each, the Sprint Cup series is based at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia for the 2016 season. Each Sprint race is 60mins in duration and features three categories of sports cars. The Champion team of each category will be accorded a free entry into the 2016-2017 Asian Le Mans Series.


Categories: LM P3, GT Cup, CN

Sepang Intl Circuit 27/29 May
Sepang Intl Circuit 05/07 August
Sepang Intl Circuit 02/04 September