The CN category is governed by the FIA and it is one of the few aimed at both circuits and hill climbs. It is the easiest sports prototype category to access in terms of driving and running costs.

The CN sports prototype’s chassis, crashbox and rear wing are in carbon and the bodywork is made of glass fibre. The engine’s cubic capacity is limited to 3 litres.

The number of constructors and engine suppliers is not limited, and the cars must comply with the rules in force in the series in which they are entered.

The weight of a CN 2 according to the FIA regulations is 535 kg for a hill climb version, which gives a very favourable power to weight ratio. 

The price of a 2-litre CN is around 120 000 euros (+VAT) depending on its level of equipment. Only the VdeV Endurance Series regulations decide the configuration and the sales price of the car.