Our expertise

The complementary skills in Onroak Automotive mean that we can carry through projects from A to Z, from the establishment of the specification to production.

Our teams collaborate during the different stages of design, development and running to offer quick, well-made cars.

Design, calculations and concept

Our design department run by Nicolas Clémençon comprises highly-qualified engineers in the fields of design, calculations and aerodynamics. The design of our sports prototypes and every new part takes place in this service. After reflection and analysis of the design brief the engineers go on to the digital design of the parts. CAD – Computer […]

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Welding and machining

Our workshops at Le Mans and Magny-Cours are equipped with a wide-ranging selection of tools so we are able to carry out welding and machining. Among others our teams use: TIG rigs, milling machines, calibrated folding machines, hydraulic folding machines, calibrated blocks, pillar drills, hydraulic presses and band saws. The technicians also work with different […]

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Our two production sites each have a composites workshop equipped with a curing oven. The one at Magny-Cours has an autoclave. Our teams of specialised composite engineers work full time. While the majority of large composite parts, like the shells and bodywork elements, come from HP Composites, numerous elements are made in our workshops in […]

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Advisory and technical support

In addition to design, production and sales Onroak Automotive works hand in hand with its clients in the running of their sports prototypes. In parallel to the traditional after-sales service, the constructor provides a global technical backup solution and a season-long dedicated service for the teams running its Ligiers in CN, and its LM P3s […]

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Restoration of historic cars

At Magny-Cours Onroak Automotive is housed in the former Martini and Ligier workshops where the staff can soak up and share more than 40 years of a mutual passion. In parallel to the construction of the LM P3 and CN sports prototypes on this site, Onroak Automotive also has services devoted to the restoration of […]

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