Our Le Mans and Magny-Cours production sites each have a composites workshop equipped with a curing oven. The one at Magny-Cours has an autoclave. Our teams of specialised composite engineers work full time.

While the majority of large composite parts, like the shells and bodywork elements, come from our partner HP Composites, numerous elements are made in our workshops in which parts can also be repaired.

  •    Fabrication of moulds in polyester, epoxy, aluminium
  •    Contact moulding and/or vacuum moulding
  •    Pre-impregnated techniques in a vacuum, an oven or autoclave
  •    Use of fibres, glass, carbon and aramid, and epoxy resins

Examples of parts produced for one or more of our sports prototypes: brake pedal, air box cone, GPS antenna support, dive plane, air intake, brake ducts, battery case, radiator ducting, plank, rollbar protectors, air intake with integrated headrest.