Studies and Design

Our design department comprises highly-qualified engineers in the fields of design, calculations and aerodynamics.

The design of our cars and every new part takes place in this. department, spread over various sites, as close as possible to our teams.

After analysis of the design brief the engineers go on to the digital design of the parts. CAD – Computer Assisted Design – is used to create all the parts of the car and to generate a complete digitised model of it. Each part is optimised using a finite elements calculations programme.

Two additional tools for validating the aerodynamics could be used for the design and optimisation of its sports prototypes:

  • CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics – in collaboration with the EXA Company specialised in digital simulation in fluid mechanics. Its expertise in this field helps the design department to interact quickly to test the different configurations and validate the best designs.
  • The wind tunnel may be used to continue optimising the aerodynamics in all their configurations.

Once the overall concept of the car has been signed off, the design department gets down to the task of creating the technical definition of each part – drawing up the plans – so that the production of the first ‘development’ car can be launched. This car will be used for numerous tests to validate the mechanical and aerodynamics aspects before homologation.