Ligier JS 53 EVO 2

The Ligier JS 53 EVO has benefited from all the experience gathered from the JS 49s, JS 51s and JS 53s.

After adding the first set of improvements during the 2013-2014 winter, the Design Office developed a aero kit available from the start of 2015 season. It has a brand-new front splitter, flaps and an optimisation of the rear wing making the Ligier JS 53 EVO 2 more efficient from an aerodynamic point of view leading to an improvement in cornering speeds and a reduction in tyre degradation. A new electronic management system has also improved the driveability and overall running of the Ligier JS 53 EVO 2.

Onroak Automotive has developed different modifications for a special Ligier JS 53 EVO to enable Frédéric Sausset, who had to have all four limbs amputated, to fulfill his dream of driving a sports prototype. After a successful first stage, a Morgan LM P2 has been modified, to enter, and complete, the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Cockpit adapted to all sizes
Easy to drive for professionals, gentlemen drivers or drivers who want to put their foot on the first rung of the sports prototype ladder
Easy to run for teams
Long-lasting bodywork thanks to pre-impregnated glass fibre technology

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monocoque carbon / HP COMPOSITES
length: 4620 mm
width: 1800 mm
wheelbase: 2654 mm
Weight: 570 kg
570 kg
pre-impregnated fibre
double wishbone, pushrod and spring-damper combination
horizontal dampers: KONI, 2 adjustable ways
ajustable anti-roll bar system
SADEV six-speed sequential gearbox aluminium
semi automatic paddle shift system
KYB electrical power-assisted steering
HONDA K20A, 4 cylinders in line, restrictor 64 mm, 1998 cc
80 litres – norme FIA FT3
aluminium, Ø 13’’, front width 9’’, rear width 10,5’’
master cylinder, 4-piston callipers, front and rear steel discs Ø11’

2015 Ligier JS 53 EVO 2:

V de V Challenge Endurance Proto (after races 6/7)

  • 1-2 & fastest lap: Barcelone 6H
  • 2-3-4: Motorland 6H
  • Pole position, fastest lap & 2nd: Dijon 4H
  • fastest lap & 3rd : Magny-Cours 6H

Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi (after 10 races)

  • 5 pole positions, 6 wins, 3 second places
  • 2014 Ligier JS 53 EVO:

2014 Ligier JS 53 EVO:

Asian Le Mans Series (4 races)

  • CN class: 4 pole positions, 4 wins


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