Ligier JS F3

The Ligier JS F3 was unveiled at the last round of the F4 U.S. Championship, during the Formula 1 US GP event, on the Circuit of the Americas in October 2017. It is a single-seater fulfilling the 2018 FIA Formula 3 new regulation which will come into force in 2018.

Onroak Automotive has been selected by the FIA and the SCCA Pro Racing to design and produce the single-seater that will be used exclusively in the future F3 Americas series, which will kick off in 2018.
It is built around a carbon chassis. It will be powered with a 2-litre Honda that produces 270 bhp, and will use Pirelli tyres.

It will comply with the FIA safety standards and it will be the first single-seater, like the Formula 1 cars, to incorporate the Halo device from 2018 onwards.
In addition to the F3 Americas series, la Ligier JS F3 can also integrate different engines to compete in new F3 series around the world.

Carbon composite monocoque FIA F3 Tech. Reg.
Composite bodywork
Full 2018 FIA safety compliant
Length: 4895,5 mm
Width: 1850 mm
Wheelbase : 2920 mm
Weight : 650 kg
Double wishbone, front and rear
Pushrod adjustable ride front and rear
JRi 2-way adjustable dampers
Front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars
6-speed sequential
Pneumatic paddle shift
Rack and pinion steering
Quick release steering wheel
Safety collapsible steering column
(for the F3 Americas Championship) Honda 2 litres, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, Turbocharged, 270 hp
62 litres fuel tank
LED Backlit Color Display
CAN controlled Power Management
3-axis+yaw accelerometer
Damper potentiometers
High Speed 4GB Logger
Alcon 4 piston monobloc calipers
Alcon vented steel rotors
Tilton adjustable pedal mounting assembly
2018 FIA front crash structure
2018 FIA rear crash structure
2018 FIA side impact structures
2018 Cockpit halo bar
2018 Side and front anti-intrusion panels
2018 FIA-specification 6-point harness
6 KJ wheel tethers, 2 per corner
On-board fire control système
2018 FIA Headrest compatible with HANS
2018 FIA-specification extractable seat